In Perspective: Weeks Nineteen and Twenty

The end of the school year was fast and super busy! We spent the last two weeks finishing strong, watching Joshua play ball, taking in a concert at the symphony, and more.

There are always snuggles and love for Sadie!
Jackson showing his skills at the hula-hoop for Field Day!
It’s a blurry picture, but Jackson caught a little nap during recess on this equipment.

It is hard to believe that another school year has come and gone. Joshua and Abby Kate have learned a lot and have grown so much this past year. These past several years of elementary school have been so wonderful. Jackson finished out another year on top. His love of writing has really taken off. As always, our children are surrounded by some of the best teachers. They pour so much into their lives both academically and spiritually.

Abby Kate’s last day of elementary school!
Joshua’s last day of elementary school!
Our last day of the 2016-2017 school year

Last Saturday was a busy day for us. Joshua played in another baseball tournament over in Athens. He did really well on the mound, at the plate, and in the field. Joshua loves the game of baseball and can never get enough. Of course, I love cheering him on and watching him play!

Jackson and I had tickets to see the Nashville Symphony present the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets In Concert! We were met with a torrential downpour on the way up to Nashville. At one point, I was going 30 mph. It was very nerve wracking, but we eventually made our way downtown. We made a quite decision to leave the umbrella in the car because the rain had stopped. After dinner, we walked out to another downpour. We ran through the streets to the symphony and walked in drenched. It will definitely be a fun memory for the two of us.

The symphony was so awesome and absolutely beautiful! The crowd was really geared up for a night of fun watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and hearing the music from the symphony live. Jackson and I had so much fun on our little date night.

I never get tired of seeing my #32 on the mound!

Jackson at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center
My date to see the Symphony

Abby Kate has expressed interest in being on the swim team next school year. I was able to work with a friend from church (who teaches swim lessons) to help Abby Kate. She had 2 weeks of lessons focusing on swim strokes with Ashleigh. Abby Kate loved working with Ashleigh! Ashleigh was so helpful in giving Abby Kate exactly what she needed. Be sure to check out “The Swim Lady” if you are looking for some lessons.

Jackson continues to do so well with his piano lessons. He loves it and we are so pleased with his accomplishments.

Abby Kate has loved her swimming strokes lessons with Ashleigh!
Jackson is doing so well at piano. He received the “apprentice” bracelet.

This Saturday, the whole family got out and gave our front and side flower beds some much needed attention. Jason was able to dig up the rest of the rose bushes from last summer that were diseased and some dead shrubs. We planted some new plants and I cannot wait to see how they do. I love my new flowers and trimmed shrubs. Jason always does such a wonderful job. He has the green thumb in this house.

Just a small piece of what we did on Saturday.
My new favorite flower

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