D.C. Day One

Our family headed out on our summer vacation last Thursday morning. After dropping Sadie off at the kennel, we made our way to Washington. According to Jackson’s notebook that he kept, “we drove on for about six hours and ate on a picnic table outside of the bathroom stop.” He also summed up the day “in one word: boring.” We drove to Richmond and got some sleep before driving into Alexandria Friday morning.

We arrived at our hotel Friday morning and took off to downtown D.C. After a quick stop for lunch, we filled up our metro cards and headed down to the National Mall. It was really neat seeing D.C. through the kids’ eyes. Jason and I went to D.C. back in 2009 and dreamed about taking our whole family back. They took everything in and loved seeing it all. Jason had done a good job of mapping out our days and Friday was to be the coolest day of our trip. I am so thankful that we did all of the National Mall on that first day because the rest of the week proved to have brutal temperatures.

We walked first up to the Washington Monument. Jason was able to throw frisbee with Jackson and baseball with Joshua. The boys loved that time together and I loved watching them with Abby Kate. From the Monument, we walked down towards the Lincoln Memorial. We stopped off at the World War II Memorial before we decided to walk on around to see the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, and the FDR Memorial. We made one last stop at the Jefferson Memorial before finishing out our walk around the Tidal Basin. We made our way back to the Lincoln Memorial and then on over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

We talked about the history and importance of each place at the National Mall. They loved hearing about each monument or memorial and the men that each represented. Our kids did so well with all of the walking and we really enjoyed our first day in D.C.

Our first view of the Washington Monument

Jason and Jackson threw frisbee in the shade of the Washington Monument.
Viewing Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument

The Washington Monument
World War II Memorial
We saw 5 of these helicopters. Pretty sure someone important was in one.
The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial
Taking a break in the shade


I love seeing the Washington Monument reflecting in the Tidal Basin.
FDR Memorial
The boys liked this dog statue with FDR.
FDR Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial
This little guy was looking for food. He came right up to me and posed for the camera.


We made it to the Lincoln Memorial!

The Lincoln Memorial
Looking back to the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
We walked a lot on our first day!

2 thoughts on “D.C. Day One

  1. David Bell

    Thanks for documenting and sharing your family experience. We rednecks call you “good folks” enjoying life together. Ain’t many things better in life than special family time. I’m looking forward to DAY 2!!!!!!!

  2. David Bell

    I forgot to comment on that last picture. LOVED that last picture hope you plugged that fitbit up in preparation for DAY 2……

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