In Perspective: Weeks Twenty- Two-Twenty-Four

Wow! I’m a little behind on updating my weekly perspectives. As always, we’ve been busy…

We spent Week Twenty-Two getting ready for our family vacation. Jason and I knew that finding time in our summer to go on a family vacation was going to be hard. With Joshua and Abby Kate in the youth group, we knew we had to work around their camps and mission trip. We had a lot of planning and packing to do to get ready for D.C. I’m working on finishing up our D.C. posts, so I won’t mention too much of that here. I spent the first part of the week running countless errands and packing. We loaded up the car and headed out Thursday morning. 

We spent the rest of our week and the next in Washington D.C. It was a memorable family vacation and one that we will treasure. Jackson told us on the drive back home that our trip was one of his favorites. I think all of our trips are his favorites. 

We drove all the way home on Wednesday and got in around 11PM. We spent all day Thursday getting Joshua and Abby Kate’s laundry washed and packed for a weekend at Impact in Nashville. We also made a run to Petsmart. Unfortunately Jackson’s fish, Snowflake, died while we were gone. Snowflake had been with us from the very beginning. Jackson quickly found 2 babies. I could hardly see them, but the lady fished out the babies and we brought them home. They were free, so that was good news. Jackson named them George and Juliet. 

Early Friday morning, we saw Joshua and Abby Kate off. I am so excited that they got to go to Impact. I went to the very first one some 26 years ago. 

Jason, Jackson, and I decided to see Cars 3 Friday morning. It was a great movie and we enjoyed seeing it together. We also saw Wonder Woman Sunday night. Jackson had a lot of fun being the only child at home. Our house was definitely more quiet. 

This past week has flown by. We picked up Joshua and Abby Kate from church Monday morning. They had a wonderful time, but were super tired and cranky. We had several appointments and were kept busy this week. I took some time in my classroom to get a few things together. We also spent a lot of time this weekend just being together as a family. These summer days are passing quickly, but so are these years. We are trying to soak up every precious moment. 

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