In Perspective: Weeks Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine

These last two weeks of our summer break have flown by! I cannot believe that I return to work tomorrow morning. I’m really excited about teaching another group of third graders. Joshua and Abby Kate are entering middle school and they can’t wait. We spent this past Friday night at orientation and walked the halls and met their teachers. I’m thankful that they will still be with me. They’ll just be downstairs. Jackson will have his orientation tomorrow night for the 4th grade. He has big goals for reading and practicing his multiplication facts. 

I spent last week (week twenty-eight) at church camp. I went as a kitchen mama and had the best time!! I love working in the kitchen and it was made even more special with some wonderful friends. Joshua and Abby Kate had a great time!! I am SO thankful for the opportunities they have had this summer with our youth group. These years are so special and I am grateful for all that our youth ministry does for our kids. I also love watching how they are growing in their relationships with others and with God. 

Abby Kate loved spending time outdoors. Photo Credit: Julie
Joshua loved playing! Photo Credit: Julie

We spent this past week getting ready for school. I was able to finish up my classroom. I love the way it turned out!

My home away from home!

We also spent this week running errands, riding bikes, checking out books at the library, shopping for school stuff, and jumping in the pool when we had the time. 

We always love a trip to the pool!
I might’ve made multiple trips across town in search of this beauty. I finally found it this Friday!!

And finally, my new Fitbit Alta HR arrived!! 

I’m really excited about my new Fitbit for reasons other than steps. Back in April, I had a doctor’s appointment and they ran a lot of tests. Unfortunately my triglycerides came back higher than high. They were so high that they couldn’t get a read on my LDL. The short of it all was that my cholesterol was really bad (my dad and grandmother also struggled with high cholesterol). I followed up with my family doctor and read up on all things cholesterol and fats (the good and the bad). I decided to take control and began working on watching my cholesterol and saturated fats intake. I also decided to drink more water and less of the sugary drinks. I even started watching my sugar intake in sweets. I didn’t want to say that I would never have —- because I knew that would make me crave it all the more. I’ve worked really hard over these past 4 months and I’m happy to say that my hard work is paying off. My recent tests came back and my triglycerides dropped over 200 points. My HDL increased by one point and they were able to get a read on my LDL. Overall things are looking better and I am so thankful. I still have more work to do, but I am very pleased with my progress so far. 

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