In Perspective: Week Thirty-Three

We had such a fun week! Monday was the big Solar Eclipse. I was super excited to watch the eclipse with my family! I found all the pictures, news stories, and my view from the backyard fascinating! We had 98% coverage here. I was amazed at the amount of light we still had with only 2% of the sun shining through. It was definitely one of those special moments that we’ll be talking about years from now. 

We successfully completed out our 3rd full week of school and we are definitely getting back into the swing of things. The kids are loving their new classes and teachers. And I’m enjoying my new bunch. 

Jackson went to his first lock-in with our church this year. He really had a great time! Jason and I had a date night while Jackson was at the lock-in. Joshua and Abby Kate had a great time with Nana! Thank you again Nana!

Jason and I enjoyed dinner at one of our favorites – Sam & Greg’s. Afterwards, we spent some time walking around downtown. The weather was so pleasant! It did not feel like August in Alabama. We got to see Jason Isbell in concert Friday night. This was my second time to see him and it was awesome! 

Friday evening was beautiful!

We spent today at church for our annual Friends’ Day. It was a great day of worship followed by dinner on the grounds. Once again Jason found his way into the dunk tank. I wish I had had my phone to get a picture.  

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