In Perspective: Weeks Thirty-Four – Thirty-Five

We started out our last two weeks with a Friend’s Day at church. It was a great day spent in worship with our church family. Jason got in the dunking booth and was a good sport as several kids dunked him. I only wish I had a picture. 

Jackson visited our eye doctor and we found out he is far-sighted. He’s been struggling with headaches for awhile now. Maybe this will help him. He sure does look handsome to me. 

Joshua had three teeth pulled to prepare his mouth for braces. He enjoyed “Mr. Nose,” but by the time I got him home, he was in so much pain. Thankfully, the cold tea bag and Motrin took care of his bleeding and pain. After that, we had a good evening at home. 

This past Wednesday, Nana drove up to Tennessee and picked up Mimi. Mimi came down for Grandparents’ Day and we were happy to have her here with us a few days early. I think we might’ve worn her out. 

On Friday, our school celebrated Grandparents’ Day. Jackson was so delighted to have both Nana and Mimi there to share in the day. 

Joshua got back into the swing of things with his first tournament of the fall season. The weather was perfect and Joshua had a great day on the field. He pitched 3 innings, giving up 1 run on 2 hits and struck out 4 batters. And at the plate, he was 1 for 2 with an RBI single.

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