In Perspective: Week Thirty-Six

What a fun week this turned out to be! We spent the first part of the week out of school on Monday and Tuesday. We took avantange of being home and made the most of our time. I caught up on all the household chores and found myself making different things in the kitchen. I was also able to get ahead on some of my lesson plans and school stuff. 

We returned to school on Wednesday and Nana took Joshua to get his braces. Joshua makes the 4th set of braces for our children. He’s been hurting, but he’s finally back to eating! 

On Thursday night Joshua had middle school baseball tryouts. We found out Friday morning that he made the team!! He is beyond excited and we are so proud of him!!

We’ve had a great weekend. We attended the football game on Friday night and I spent yesterday running a few errands and marking things off my chore list around the house. Jackson was excited to clean out the aquarium. It took some time, but it was all worth it. Our little baby fish are doing quite nicely and are getting bigger each day. Jackson loves making sure that Mango, Allison, Juliet, and George are okay. 

We enjoyed a nice Sunday today. Jason started a new series at church that I am really looking forward to. I always enjoy listening to him preach. 

The kids have had fun together at home this weekend. Abby Kate has been working on a school project and has been SO helpful around the house. I found Joshua getting in some more swings this afternoon. 

We have a busy week ahead, but it’s going to be fun! 

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