In Perspective: Weeks Forty-One – Forty-Four

It seems that these weeks are flying by! It was just over a month ago that I updated last and here we are again.

We were thrilled to go on the Jr. High Fall Retreat with Joshua and Abby Kate again this year. As always, we had the best time and enjoyed being together with everyone. We all came home a little tired and it took me a little longer to feel back to normal, but I guess that’s just age catching up with me.

Jr. High Fall Retreat
Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag Selfie

For some reason, I decided to try my hand at painting again. I don’t know why I always think that I can do this, but I do. I took a before picture and will need to get a picture of my finished product later. Needless to say, I should just stay away from the paints.

My blank canvas

We enjoyed dinner and a ghost tour with our life group one Friday night. We had the best time together and I loved hearing more stories of our downtown area.

Downtown Ghost Tour
Some handsome guy got my phone. Little does he know that I tend to post these kind of things.

We had the coldest Autumn Fest a few Sundays ago! Jason and I enjoyed handing out candy at our Trunk or Treat and the kids loved helping too.

Autumn Fest Fun!

For Halloween this year, we had our friends over and we feasted on chili (with noodles)! Jackson had decided early on not to go trick or treating this year. As the sun was going down, he quickly changed his mind. I took him around the neighborhood and he had so much fun! I’m glad that he did this for another year! Joshua and Abby Kate had fun handing out the candy at the house while we all watched the World Series.

First batch of chili on Halloween
Jackson’s Halloween costume for the 2017 year. He eventually settled on being Christopher Columbus!

Last week, we all celebrated Jason’s birthday! We went out for dinner at Connor’s and then to see the new Thor movie at our favorite theater! We had fun making the most of Jason’s birthday and spending time together as a family.

Celebrating Jason’s birthday!
We sure do love this guy!

This past Wednesday, Jackson and I headed to Montgomery for his field trip. We had an early morning (up at 4 AM), but really enjoyed our time together. We visited the Capitol building, the Alabama State House, and the Rosa Parks Library and Museum before returning home later that night.

Heading to Montgomery on Jackson’s 4th grade field trip.

Jackson found a good seat to vote in the Alabama State House.

This Friday, we went camping with some friends. We had the best time, but it was so cold! I’ve been catching up on all of our laundry and some sleep that I missed out on this week.

Our camp set up for the night
I have been wanting an electric blanket for several weeks now. Sadie really likes it too!

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