In Perspective: Weeks Forty-Five – Forty-Six

We’ve had a great week off from school. It is always nice to break the school routine and to spend some time together without the big schedule. This year we hosted Thanksgiving for both of our families. We had a great turn out and ate so well. I am thankful for this time of year and all the special traditions and memories it brings to our family.

Mimi in the kitchen making the gravy.

Thanksgiving 2017

Our nephew, Micah, captured some great Thanksgiving Day photos.

We took down our Thanksgiving/Fall decorations on Friday and began putting up our Christmas decorations. I don’t know how our Christmas decor gets bigger each year, but it does. I’m so pleased with how well it all turned out.

I’m afraid this is the last year for our tree.
This dog will wedge herself anywhere now. She took a little nap behind my back while I also got in a nap.
My Black Friday find that I got on Saturday night.
All ready for Christmas
I love seeing where the kids have been playing around the house.
Christmas puzzle time

We are on the countdown for Christmas break and will try to make the most of our time. Everything is back in order and we are ready to get back into our routine tomorrow.

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