In Perspective: Weeks Forty-Seven – Fifty-Two

Wow! I cannot believe that this past month has flown by! We have been filled with full calendars, work, school, Christmas traditions, and more. Of course, I would not change a bit of it. Instead of doing a play by play of all our activities this past month, I’ve included pictures – lots of pictures! I’ve had fun going through all the photos on my computer the past few days.

This Christmas was a little different for our crew. This was the first year that we did not have any believers. A part of me was sad, but another part of me loved not having the stress of it all. We still have the kids convinced that their siblings still believe. Jackson is convinced that Joshua and Abby Kate believe and the twins are convinced that Jackson still believes. You can read all about this amusement here.

We have been treasuring these special times. The kids have enjoyed plenty of down time and it has been good for us too. At this stage, our lives are busier than ever. And I hear from others that it continues and never really slows down. As I’ve been looking back over the photos on my computer, I can still remember each event as if it were yesterday. When I look at the date, I just can’t believe that the time has flown by. I am thankful for those pictures and videos, for the trips that we’ve shared, and for the memories as they flood back over me. Looking back, I always feel that “that stage of life” was the busiest and then another one comes along. Over the past several months, I’ve really struggled with allowing feelings of discouragement to seep into my mind and heart. I’ve felt discouragement in so many areas of my life – in the busyness, the laundry list of to-do’s, words from others, not being able to do it all, and the list could go on and on from there. Discouragement is one of those feelings that can rob you of your joy. I know that I allowed it to get me down off the road and into the ditch. But I am so thankful that God is there to bring me up out of those ditches that we can sometimes let Satan pull us into. Will the busyness continue? Yes! Will my to-do list (that is forever and a mile long) still be there? Yes! Will words continue to hurt? Yes! Will there be things that I simply cannot accomplish? Yes! But, God is there to restore us, to comfort us, to do the glorious impossible, and to bring us joy! I sure did love Jason’s latest sermon series, “Shine On Us”!

Abby Kate decided to get her hair cut to donate.
Abby Kate after her haircut. I love my girl’s heart!
Jackson’s Winter Showcase
Jackson did a wonderful job at his music showcase. We are so proud of him!
My boys at the Galaxy of Lights 5K
Our first Galaxy of Lights 5K
Driving through the Galaxy of Lights! We went the other night and the wait was forever long! But we enjoyed it. We kept trying to get a great picture, but some people were being a little difficult.
Christmas Eve with Mimi
Christmas Eve with my mom
Christmas Eve Dinner We grilled out steaks after we got home from a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at church. It was so wonderful!
Christmas Eve sibling gifts. This is the only present they are allowed to open on Christmas Eve. Our children feel that they are the only ones that have to wait until Christmas to get their gifts.
Sadie is so skittish around any type of packaging. She was a mess Christmas morning. She jumped up in Jason’s lap to try to settle down.
The boys love their Cardinals sweatshirts.
Christmas 2017
My boys on Christmas morning
Jackson loved all of his gifts from Nana.
We sure do have a lot of presents from Nana and Mimi.
Abby Kate
Christmas morning
This is their favorite part – passing out the presents.
Mimi trying out Abby Kate’s new headphones.
Christmas with Mimi
Christmas Day with Nana
Christmas 2017
Christmas Day selfie
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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