In Perspective: Week Twenty-Seven

This was the week of doctors’ appointments. It seemed that we had something scheduled every day this week. I’m happy to say, that the teeth are cleaned, Joshua continues to grow, the hairs were cut, and AK rocked the PT. We even added a trip to the after hours orthopedic center and found out that Joshua has a buckle fracture in his pinky. Yesterday Joshua, Abby Kate, and I left early for church camp. I’m excited to spend the week helping out in the kitchen. Jackson and Jason are holding down the fort and I’m sure there will be plenty of stories from their week together. 

There’s no use in crying over spilled milk. Right?

It got a little boring at the after hours clinic.

This boy can put away the food!

After jason calling me out for my parking job in the garage, I walked out to this white car parked a little too close to me. Y’all, I couldn’t even open my door. I had to get in on the passenger side and climb over.

We even took Mimi to a doctor’s appointment. Jackson held her hand as we walked in.

I’ve been waiting for a hummingbird all summer. I was so excited to finally see one from my kitchen window.

We are ready for camp. Some of us are more silly than others.

In Perspective: Week Twenty-Six

It sure was a quiet week around our house! Joshua and Abby Kate attended their first mission trip! They had a wonderful week full of service to others and they came home so excited about all that happened this week. I love hearing them talk about all the things that are exciting to them. 

Jason and I spent our week with Jackson. We didn’t have too much planned, so I was able to really clean the kids’ rooms upstairs. It seems that I always find time to do this type of deep clean at least once a summer. Jackson and I also spent some days running several errands that were on the to-do list. 

On Monday night we headed out to the theater and saw Despicable Me 3. We all also saw the new Spider-Man movie Friday afternoon when the twins got back into town. 

And one more big thing happened this week…Joshua and Abby Kate celebrated their 13th Birthday!! We all went down to Cullman to spend some special time with them. It is so hard to believe that we now have teenagers!! Where is the time going?

Celebrating Joshua and Abby Kate’s 13th Birthday!

They loved having everyone sing to them!

Seeing Despicable Me3 with Jackson

Lazy Days

Joshua led a Devo during the week.

Seeing Spider-Man
Seeing Spider-Man

In Perspective: Week Twenty-Five

We enjoyed another week spending time with family and traveling. We were able to stay with Tara and celebrate her birthday with a family dinner. She always spoils us with with such wonderful food whenever we come to her house. 

We had fun shopping in town and even stumbled across Santa! 

Joshua attended the Vanderbilt Baseball Camp and loved every minute of it. He cannot wait to go back! I was really impressed with what I saw and heard from the coaches. They were so great! 

We spent the rest of our week at Lipscomb for their annual Summer Celebration. As always, it was so encouraging and we enjoyed some time with our friends. 

On Saturday I spent my day helping get Joshua and Abby Kate ready for their first mission trip. We can’t wait to hear all about their time spent serving others. 

In Perspective: Weeks Twenty- Two-Twenty-Four

Wow! I’m a little behind on updating my weekly perspectives. As always, we’ve been busy…

We spent Week Twenty-Two getting ready for our family vacation. Jason and I knew that finding time in our summer to go on a family vacation was going to be hard. With Joshua and Abby Kate in the youth group, we knew we had to work around their camps and mission trip. We had a lot of planning and packing to do to get ready for D.C. I’m working on finishing up our D.C. posts, so I won’t mention too much of that here. I spent the first part of the week running countless errands and packing. We loaded up the car and headed out Thursday morning. 

We spent the rest of our week and the next in Washington D.C. It was a memorable family vacation and one that we will treasure. Jackson told us on the drive back home that our trip was one of his favorites. I think all of our trips are his favorites. 

We drove all the way home on Wednesday and got in around 11PM. We spent all day Thursday getting Joshua and Abby Kate’s laundry washed and packed for a weekend at Impact in Nashville. We also made a run to Petsmart. Unfortunately Jackson’s fish, Snowflake, died while we were gone. Snowflake had been with us from the very beginning. Jackson quickly found 2 babies. I could hardly see them, but the lady fished out the babies and we brought them home. They were free, so that was good news. Jackson named them George and Juliet. 

Early Friday morning, we saw Joshua and Abby Kate off. I am so excited that they got to go to Impact. I went to the very first one some 26 years ago. 

Jason, Jackson, and I decided to see Cars 3 Friday morning. It was a great movie and we enjoyed seeing it together. We also saw Wonder Woman Sunday night. Jackson had a lot of fun being the only child at home. Our house was definitely more quiet. 

This past week has flown by. We picked up Joshua and Abby Kate from church Monday morning. They had a wonderful time, but were super tired and cranky. We had several appointments and were kept busy this week. I took some time in my classroom to get a few things together. We also spent a lot of time this weekend just being together as a family. These summer days are passing quickly, but so are these years. We are trying to soak up every precious moment. 

D.C. Day Two

We headed out to Arlington Cemetery Saturday morning. Jason and I really spent a lot of time in explanation of the Cemetery and how we should show respect when walking around. The kids did so well. We were able to visit the burial site of JFK before heading over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I was able to take several pictures from Arlington and I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

The Sentinel guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Changing of the Guards

After touring Arlington Cemetery, we headed down to the National Archives. Everyone really enjoyed seeing the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. We really enjoyed walking through all of the exhibits as well. I do not remember the exhibits from the last time Jason and I were in D.C., but these exhibits were really great. Unfortunately any type of photography is not allowed inside the Archives, so I was not able to take any pictures.

Joshua and Jackson waiting to enter the National Archives.
Waiting on our metro ride back to the hotel

We decided to head back to the hotel a little early for the evening. The kids wanted to swim, so we headed down to the pool. However, our pool was closed. The kids were super disappointed. We did go down and talk with the front desk and they told us that we could use another hotel’s pool. So, we took off up the street and the kids were able to get in a little swim.

D.C. Day One

Our family headed out on our summer vacation last Thursday morning. After dropping Sadie off at the kennel, we made our way to Washington. According to Jackson’s notebook that he kept, “we drove on for about six hours and ate on a picnic table outside of the bathroom stop.” He also summed up the day “in one word: boring.” We drove to Richmond and got some sleep before driving into Alexandria Friday morning.

We arrived at our hotel Friday morning and took off to downtown D.C. After a quick stop for lunch, we filled up our metro cards and headed down to the National Mall. It was really neat seeing D.C. through the kids’ eyes. Jason and I went to D.C. back in 2009 and dreamed about taking our whole family back. They took everything in and loved seeing it all. Jason had done a good job of mapping out our days and Friday was to be the coolest day of our trip. I am so thankful that we did all of the National Mall on that first day because the rest of the week proved to have brutal temperatures.

We walked first up to the Washington Monument. Jason was able to throw frisbee with Jackson and baseball with Joshua. The boys loved that time together and I loved watching them with Abby Kate. From the Monument, we walked down towards the Lincoln Memorial. We stopped off at the World War II Memorial before we decided to walk on around to see the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, and the FDR Memorial. We made one last stop at the Jefferson Memorial before finishing out our walk around the Tidal Basin. We made our way back to the Lincoln Memorial and then on over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

We talked about the history and importance of each place at the National Mall. They loved hearing about each monument or memorial and the men that each represented. Our kids did so well with all of the walking and we really enjoyed our first day in D.C.

Our first view of the Washington Monument

Jason and Jackson threw frisbee in the shade of the Washington Monument.
Viewing Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument

The Washington Monument
World War II Memorial
We saw 5 of these helicopters. Pretty sure someone important was in one.
The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial
Taking a break in the shade


I love seeing the Washington Monument reflecting in the Tidal Basin.
FDR Memorial
The boys liked this dog statue with FDR.
FDR Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial
This little guy was looking for food. He came right up to me and posed for the camera.


We made it to the Lincoln Memorial!

The Lincoln Memorial
Looking back to the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
We walked a lot on our first day!

In Perspective: Week Twenty-One

What a fun week we have had. This was our first full week out of school. We have a busy summer planned, so we enjoyed some down time throughout the week.

We spent time out on the ball field this weekend watching Joshua. He finished out his 2017 spring season with 2 more home runs bringing his season total to 7! His team also won in the final game last night and came out as the tournament champions. Joshua is very proud of his new ring!

This afternoon we attended the Bible Memory Challenge Awards for the 2017 year. Jackson completed his 3rd grade work and Joshua and Abby Kate finished out their final year. We are so proud of Abby Kate, Joshua, and Jackson for all of their hard work.

Jackson earned his second band for piano!
Making the most of Joshua’s batting practice.

We stopped at Sonic after our first game on Saturday. I decided to try something new – The Optimus Prime Slush! It was SO good!
I’m proud of all this boy of mine has done on the field over the years. This fall, he’s moving up to the big field!
Nana was happy to see Joshua’s two home runs!
Jackson was showing his support for his brother during the championship game.
2 home runs and a ring to close out our final tournament.
Bible Memory Challenge 2017
Joshua and Abby Kate completed their 8th year of Bible Memory Challenge and were recognized as being Grand Champions.

In Perspective: Weeks Nineteen and Twenty

The end of the school year was fast and super busy! We spent the last two weeks finishing strong, watching Joshua play ball, taking in a concert at the symphony, and more.

There are always snuggles and love for Sadie!
Jackson showing his skills at the hula-hoop for Field Day!
It’s a blurry picture, but Jackson caught a little nap during recess on this equipment.

It is hard to believe that another school year has come and gone. Joshua and Abby Kate have learned a lot and have grown so much this past year. These past several years of elementary school have been so wonderful. Jackson finished out another year on top. His love of writing has really taken off. As always, our children are surrounded by some of the best teachers. They pour so much into their lives both academically and spiritually.

Abby Kate’s last day of elementary school!
Joshua’s last day of elementary school!
Our last day of the 2016-2017 school year

Last Saturday was a busy day for us. Joshua played in another baseball tournament over in Athens. He did really well on the mound, at the plate, and in the field. Joshua loves the game of baseball and can never get enough. Of course, I love cheering him on and watching him play!

Jackson and I had tickets to see the Nashville Symphony present the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets In Concert! We were met with a torrential downpour on the way up to Nashville. At one point, I was going 30 mph. It was very nerve wracking, but we eventually made our way downtown. We made a quite decision to leave the umbrella in the car because the rain had stopped. After dinner, we walked out to another downpour. We ran through the streets to the symphony and walked in drenched. It will definitely be a fun memory for the two of us.

The symphony was so awesome and absolutely beautiful! The crowd was really geared up for a night of fun watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and hearing the music from the symphony live. Jackson and I had so much fun on our little date night.

I never get tired of seeing my #32 on the mound!

Jackson at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center
My date to see the Symphony

Abby Kate has expressed interest in being on the swim team next school year. I was able to work with a friend from church (who teaches swim lessons) to help Abby Kate. She had 2 weeks of lessons focusing on swim strokes with Ashleigh. Abby Kate loved working with Ashleigh! Ashleigh was so helpful in giving Abby Kate exactly what she needed. Be sure to check out “The Swim Lady” if you are looking for some lessons.

Jackson continues to do so well with his piano lessons. He loves it and we are so pleased with his accomplishments.

Abby Kate has loved her swimming strokes lessons with Ashleigh!
Jackson is doing so well at piano. He received the “apprentice” bracelet.

This Saturday, the whole family got out and gave our front and side flower beds some much needed attention. Jason was able to dig up the rest of the rose bushes from last summer that were diseased and some dead shrubs. We planted some new plants and I cannot wait to see how they do. I love my new flowers and trimmed shrubs. Jason always does such a wonderful job. He has the green thumb in this house.

Just a small piece of what we did on Saturday.
My new favorite flower

In Perspective: Weeks Seventeen & Eighteen

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks we have had. I am just now getting around to updating my weekly perspectives. Because I am behind, I’ll get two weeks into one.

Abby Kate got her full set of braces on a couple of weeks ago. We were able to complete Phase One and now we have moved on to a Phase Two. She will have her full set of braces for about 18 months. After a few sore days, she is finally feeling good and is doing so well.

Joshua had an off weekend in his tournament schedule, so we decided to get away for a weekend trip. The Cardinals played a series against Atlanta this past weekend, so we saw it as the perfect opportunity to see the new park and to watch the Cardinals. We made our first stop in Chattanooga on Friday. We saw the Chattanooga Lookouts and about froze. We had a crazy drop in the temperatures and it felt like we were back in February. We work up early on Saturday morning and decided to “See Rock City!” We had such a wonderful time. We had never been and after many suggestions, we were so thrilled that we visited. We upgraded our tickets and got a year pass, so I am looking forward to heading back up there to take in the sights.

Trying to stay dry and warm at the Chattanooga Lookouts Game on Friday night

What a beautiful view!

After visiting Rock City, we drove on down to Atlanta to tour the Coca-Cola Museum. Jackson has really been wanting to visit for some time now, so he was excited that we were going. Jason and I last visited the museum around 2000. They have really upgraded the museum and made it pretty interactive. It was the place to be, as everyone was there. The kids could not wait to taste all the flavors of Coke. I was expecting it to be the same as when we had been before. I remember tasting all of the Cokes from all over the world. They have changed the tasting room to include other Coke products from around the world. That was different, but it was okay. After a few drinks of Coke products, all of the kids started complaining of their tummies hurting. We don’t do many Coke drinks with the kids and we did not limit them on anything in the tasting room. I think they enjoyed it, but definitely had their fill.

The World of Coca-Cola

We saw the Cardinals play the Braves Sunday afternoon. We arrived early to see some batting practice. Joshua caught a few balls from the players and we had fun watching the Cardinals’ pitchers and some other players warming up on the field. The new park is nice, but the concourses aew not big enough. It was so difficult to make it through the crowds. I also spent 30 minutes in line for food, only to be told when I got up to order that they didn’t take the Visa card that I have. That was a big headache and we ended up getting a very late lunch towards the end of the game. The Cards came up with the win after playing for 14 innings!

I love watching baseball with this guy!

We are down to the final few weeks of school. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. The twins are about to be out of elementary school and heading in to middle school! We have a busy summer, but I know we will make the most of every opportunity we have to be together.

In Perspective: Week Sixteen

This sixteenth week brought bronchitis for me. I have had 2 shots, an antibiotic, a breathing treatment, and an inhaler working together to make me well. I’m feeling better, but I still have a pretty nasty cough. It’s been awhile since I have been sick, so it’s been tough trying to slow down. 

The kids had a date night with Nana last night. They had such a fun time with her! I’m thankful for these special times they have together

In other news, I ate fish last night! I despise fish, but I need to switch things up with my meals. Jason occasionally mentions wanting to learn how to cook. I thought “cooking fish” could be his thing. He took me up on my offer and we worked together in the kitchen last night making fish. I couldn’t eat much, but what I did tolerate some. He could not believe that he was making and eating fish in his own house. 

It’s crazy that we are already at the last week of April. This school year is flying by and the end will be here before we know it. 

Photo Cred: Darlene Hall – Mother/Son Banquet
My wedding date at Burritt on the Mountain